The Reference Library is Down…

So, the main table for the Library has crashed and the auto-repair has failed…. This is bad.

I need to figure out what to do from here as it looks like the only backups I have that were not also affected are quite old.

As such the project is going on hold for a bit until I’m able to sort things out and find a better hosting solution.

–The Reference Librarian

UPDATE: I have managed to rebuild the table that crashed, however, I am not sure how long it will hold. At this point the plan is to make a backup of the entire thing, move the backup to a new server, and in the meantime, shut down the most data-intensive portions of the website. This will hopefully preserve the hit counter and blog rankings until I am able to find a better, more dedicated solution.


About Steve Caruso

Steve Caruso is the Translator at Aramaic Designs and The Aramaic New Testament.
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One Response to The Reference Library is Down…

  1. Jeremy Myers says:

    Thanks for the update. I really appreciate this blog and the work you put into it.

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