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Old Ranking System Depreciated

Now it’s official: The old ranking and hits system is now depreciated and the new one is chugging along without a hitch. Since it only has ranking data since the beginning of the month, don’t be worried if you see … Continue reading

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iOS 5 Webkit

Well, I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5 and noticed that I could no longer successfully view the Library website with it. It seems as if the iOS 5 Webkit has been updated and the update kills the scrolling sidebar … Continue reading

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Past 30 Days Stats Up, Too

I’ve also just added the same real-time stats but for the past 30 days as well. — The Reference Librarian

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New Feature: Article Reads in Real Time

As you can see above, the new hit counter database allows me to have a bit of fun. Visit the new real-time article read counter and check it out. You can also pull down the title menu and select which … Continue reading

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New Blog Hit Counter Database Working

The new hit counter system that is in testing is working very smoothly and is much faster than the old one. When it’s ready to go and I throw the switch, it will allow individualized hourly blog statistics on each … Continue reading

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