Everyone’s Added Back In!

Ok, so instead of waiting to get everyone added in manually, I went ahead and did a bulk import into the Pending Categorization category so now everyone who was on the list before should be on the new list now.

This also means that you can put the Blog Tag on your blog without the big “NOT RECOGNIZED” image and have your hits counted towards the Top 10 Articles and Top 50 Biblioblogs.

In the meantime, I’ll get around to categorizing everyone into their proper places and then it’s time to sort through the Related Blogs.

UPDATE July 12: It has come to my attention that some did not read the above as I intended. Please note the last line carefully. The original Biblioblogs list is in the database (with a few individuals re-categorized as Related Blogs). The original Related Blogs list (which is an additional 300-some-odd blogs) is still in progress.

— The Reference Librarian


About Steve Caruso

Steve Caruso is the Translator at Aramaic Designs and The Aramaic New Testament.
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