Resolving URLs

In tinkering with the Top Articles thing I’ve been working on I realized that a number of blogs utilize things like Google’s feedproxy instead of using their own site’s URLs.

For example, on the feed for Unsettled Christianity, we find a url like this listed as the permalink:


Which, when you load it in your browser, resolves to:


But when a user loads the page, the hit counter registers it under:


Since (1) isn’t (3), this has the unfortunate side effect where the software cannot link up registered hits with their appropriate pages, thereby excluding them from the Top Articles feed altogether. I’m going to see about figuring out a workaround that resolves all URL redirects before it stores the permalink in the database and you should see a bunch of blogs pop back into the list.

— The Reference Librarian


About Steve Caruso

Steve Caruso is the Translator at Aramaic Designs and The Aramaic New Testament.
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